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"Rain Water Harvesting"

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Clean Ultra Down Spout

Dimensions: 8¼” L x 9” W x 31” H
Inlet / Outlet: 2” x 3” and 3” x 4” downspout - 3” and 4” Sch 40
Diverter Outlet: Garden hose, flex pipe and 3” Sch 40

Downspout Diverter Features:

• Collects water from downspouts
• Rain Head deflects leaves and debris
• Downspout Diverter automatically flushes away contaminants in the initial surge of runoff
• Includes stainless steel mosquito-proof screen
• Easy to install
• Can be mounted at any height for easy maintenance
• Works automatically once installed
• Can be switched off in winter months
• Connects to majority of hoses for immediate use


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