Water Garden Supplies

"Pond Vacuums"

Pond Monsta Cleaning System
The Pond Monsta vacuum is faster than traditional pond vacuums, because it can continuously returns the clean water back into the pond. Leaves and other debris are sucked up through the vacuum and pumped into a debris collector. Water from the collector can be recycled back into the pond if sludge content is not high or water can be discharged onto lawn, flower beds, etc.

  • Submersible vacuum head with 40' cord
  • On Off button is built into the handle
  • 20' Discharge Hose
  • 7' Telescoping aluminum handle
  • Debris collection basket
  • Powerful 115v, 350w motor
  • 4"Power Brush & 8" Wheeled Brush heads
  • Spare impeller included with every unit
  • 2-year warranty
"Muck Buster" Pond Vacuum II
muck busterAfter the vacuum canister is filled with it will discharge water into garden beds or use the mesh bag to capture coarse debris before returning water back into the pond. The auto fill and drain cycle is approx. 40 seconds vacuum and 20 seconds drain out.
  • Powerful 2 hp engine, 1400 watts
  • Suction lift of 5 above water
  • Removes pond debris up to ? in diameter
  • Auto fill and drain cycles
  • 5 gallon capacity
  • 16 ft suction hose
  • 4 suction nozzles
  • 2-year warranty

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