Books are a great introduction to water gardening and a route to better educate and inspire the existing water gardener.

Books also make great gifts.

Tranquility Fountains: Projects for a Serene Lifestyle
    Author: Mickey Baskett    128 pages paperback

Tranquility Fountains Recreate that wonderful tranquility of a natural brook or pool by building, in a small space, almost any fountain you can imagine. Add potted plants, fog, candles, light, or scent to cre­ate dazzling special effects that engage all the senses. Whether you construct one of the 29 projects here or fashion your own personal creation, your tabletop fountain will float you down a stream of relaxation, far away from the strains of everyday living.

Better Homes and Gardens: Water Gardens
    Author: Eleanore Lewis    143 pages paperback

Better Homes and Gardens-Water Gardens Soothing, cooling water features are hot property with hom­eowners.
• Inspiring: a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes— fountains, pools, ponds, streams, waterfalls
• Hardworking: how to create and maintain water gardens
• Practical: how to choose appropriate plants, stock fish, and enjoy water gardens year-round

Water Features for Small Gardens:
                  Creating Compact Gardens

    Author: Francesca Greenoak     96 pages paperback

Water features for Small Gardens Lush photographs accompany practical information on good design and sound construction. There’s guidance on style and siting, and on plants that thrive in the pond, on its edge, and in the surrounding areas. Plus: “Case histories” of actual water gardens and vital advice on aeration, water purification, and pump care.

The Water Gardener
    Author: Anthony Archer-Wills     192 pages hardcover

The Water Gardener This book explains how to design and construct formal and informal pools and ponds, lakes, streams and bog gardens, leisure pools, splash pools, tubs and spas, fountains, geysers, gushers, cascades and waterfalls. It gives advice on the use of rocks, stones and pebbles and it explains how to incorporate bridges, decking and sunbathing areas as well as how to achieve clear water and maintain a balanced life cycle. An illustrated catalogue of more than 300 plants and a thematic list of another 2000 is included.

Water Gardens in a Weekend:
                Projects for One, Two or Three Weekends

    Author: Peter Robinson     176 pages hardcover

Water Gardens in a Weekend Whether your goal is a handsome cobble fountain or a brimming urn, use this guide for planning, setting up, and creating distinc¬tive variations. Almost none of the projects call for any building skills, and you can make all of them from easy-to-find materials, sometimes as basic as a fountain kit. Install miniature water gardens in tubs; wall fountains; spray and column fountains; and raised and sunken pools.

Encyclopedia of Water Garden Plants
    Author: Greg Speichert, Sue Speichert     388 pages hardcover

Encylopedia of Water Garden Plants The definitive photographic reference to the full range of plants avail¬able to the water gardener. This volume includes hundreds of water garden plants often overlooked in other books, such as marginal plants, floating plants, bog plants, and submerged plants. Of course, waterlilies and lotuses are described in detail as well. The encyclopedia offers complete information on hardiness, culture, propagation, and pests and diseases.

The Complete Book of the Water Garden
    Author: Philip Swindells and David Mason    208 pages paperback

The Complete Book of the Water Garden Expertly written and illustrated with beautiful color photos and helpful diagrams, this guide describes both traditional and modern techniques for creating a water garden. From streams, waterfalls, and fountains to self-contained features and bog gardens, every form receives in-depth coverage that is easy to follow. There are suggestions for siting, design, and construction; stocking ponds and pools with fish and flowers; and invaluable advice on plant propagation, care, maintenance, and common problems. This extensive directory of aquatic plants covers such favorites as water lilies, floating plants, and many more.

Tabletop Fountains:
                40 Easy and Great Looking Projects to Make

    Author: Dawn Cusick    128 pages paperback

Tabletop Fountains The first how-to book on one of the hottest new trends around. Includes a fountain to make for every taste and style. The three sections (20-Minute Fountains, Two-Hour Fountains, and Weekend Fountains) present everything from a simple centerpiece of moss and flowers to an elegant stacked tile fountain. Clear instructions included for each. A craft craze waiting to happen.

Taylors Weekend Guide To Water Gardens
    Author: Charles B. Thomas     122 pages paperback

Taylor Guide to Water gardens You’ll learn how to select the perfect site, choose the size and shape of your garden, and install preformed or flexible-liner pools, as well as how to select pumps and filters, test and treat the water, and choose the right plants and fish for your own unique garden environment. A comprehensive gallery of plants will inspire you to try this...

The Stapeley Book of Water Gardens
    Author: Stanley Russell     180 pages paperback

The Stapeley Book of Water Gardens A team of experts from Stapeley Water Gardens, the world’s largest water garden centre and pioneers in the field, has helped to make this the most detailed and practical book on the subject yet written, providing the gardener with a wealth of information and advice on how to build, maintain and get the best from a water garden.

Low-Maintenance Water Gardens
    Author: Helen Nash     128 pages paperback

Low-Maintenance Water Gardens “Tells gardeners how to plan and construct a low-maintenance water garden...provides extensive information on filtration, plant and fish care, and seasonal maintenance. Nash explains how to select the correct site, how to prevent problems concerning tree roots, runoffs, and water tables, how to prevent spilling and flooding, and how to protect water gardens from predators..” — Booklist.

Beginner's Guide to Water Gardening
    Author: Graham Clarke     169 pages paperback

Beginner's Guide to Water Gardening This book covers creating a water feature, furnishing it with plants, fish and wildlife, and year round maintenance. It is a practical book and talks about the fundamentals of water gardening. It is especially useful to amateurs, it consists information on how to lay the foundation of the garden to the embellishments. Data on electric devices used in the construction of the water garden or to enhance its beauty is also included in this guide. It covers both building the pond and the plants.

Water Gardening, Water Lilies and Lotuses
    Author: Perry D. Slocum & Peter Robinson, with Frances Perry     434 pages hardcover

Water Gardening-Water Lilies and Lotuses Part One, written by expert Peter Robinson, is based on work originally undertaken by the late Frances Perry and provides specific information on designing and building a water feature. It includes an illustrated encyclopedia of submerged, floating, and marginal plants. Part Two is an encyclopedia of water lilies and lotuses by American specialist, and photographer, Perry Slocum.

The R.I.S.E Method
    Author: Rick Bartel     129 pages paperback

The R.I.S.E Method This Guide will provide you with all of the necessary information, focusing specifically on the elements and characteristics needed to attain truly naturalistic results in any completed project. You will learn the intricate details of what actually makes a water feature appear so natural, why these phenomenal techniques work, and how to avoid the critical design errors left over from the good old days

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