Crystal Clear Platinum

 Available in 2.2 lb, 4.4 lb, 8.8 lb and 17.6 lb buckets

 Premium Nutrition for Growth, Health & Color

 40% Protein for Rapid Fish Growth

 7% Fat

 Made with Spirulina to Enhance Color

 Perfect for Growing Show-Quality Koi


Available in Large or Standard Pellets

Legacy Growth and Energy Food


 Available in 12 oz and 2.4 lb jars

 Help boost of protein for growth

 Use at a minimum temperature of 68F (20C).

 40 % Protein

 7 % Fat

 Added Color Enhancers

 Contains Stabilized Vitamin C

 Will Not Cloud Water



Chengro Growth and Color Pellet and

Koistix Growth and Color

 Available in 2 lb bag, 10 lb bucket, and 20 lb bucket

 Complete food that promotes growth and color enhancement

 Contains spirulina to intensify the reds and blacks in fish while maintaining brilliant whites

 Contains natural amino acids

 Specially-formulated digestive enzymes to enable fish to digest more completely

 38 % Protein

 5 % Fat

Other sizes available by special order

Premium Fish Food